Somos CdAT
Somos CdAT

Artistic Residencies

CdAT has always been meeting place for artists and companies in search of new performing languages. In line with our permanent support to new creators, CdAT launches a residency program to promote local, national and international companies working in theater, dance, circus, new technologies applied to artistic creation, theater of objects and other multidisciplinary creations. In the residency program, CdAT offers mentorship, feedback and artistic and technical resources as well as facilitates the creation of networks with other professionals and cultural agents of the city. The program allows artists to go deeper in the creation and research process and to show their work in process on stage afterwards. Thus it enables their future entry in the professional world.

Cie. Defracto

1 – 23 may, 2017

Lapso Cirk - Veronica Capozzolli

8 – 22 january, 2018

Squarehead Productions

1 -15 august, 2018

Cía. Grop

3 – 8 september 2018

Lapso Cirk - Lea Legrand

14 – 24 january 2019

Miguel Gigosos

15 – 26 april, 2019