Somos CdAT
Somos CdAT

CircoStrada Meeting Santander, nov. 2019

On November 27, 28 and 29 will take place in Santander,the Circostrada General Meeting  within the framework of the Festival En la Cuerda Floja

Circostrada Network is the European Platform for Circus and Street Arts and constitutes a space for cooperation, reflection and professional relations. In its two annual meetings, members share ideas and projects, organize papers on different topics and show the progress made by the different working groups.

The meeting in Santander is an unbeatable opportunity to show Spanish talent to the rest of Europe, strengthen the circus and street arts sectors in Spain and draw the attention of the public and local and national institutions regarding these artistic disciplines.

Under the title of SPANISH CASE, a program has been organized during those three days that aims to promote interactions, meetings and collaborations at national and European level. The first day there will be an inaugural presentation about the circus and street arts fieldsin Spain, that will offer an image of the situation of the sector and identify the main actors and institutions, some of whom will share their testimony and experience. On the second day there will be presentations of projects and showcases to meet new creations and projects from different parts of Spain. On the third day, the Carte blanche of the Insomnia Project will be presented at the Palacio de la Magdalena and there will be more showcases and presentations at the Festival Palace. In addition, at the end of each of the three days we can enjoy the programming of the Festival En la Cuerda Floja with shows in different spaces of the city (you will find detailed information in the section ‘Program’).

Café de las Artes wants to take this opportunity and brings together artists, institutions and private entities from different parts of Europe and Spain, to create networks and learn about good practices and innovative experiences.

European overview of circus and street arts